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A very difficult decision but in our opinion the right one.  No real surprise given the impact of #Covid19. Applaud the team for their efforts and putting peoples safety first.

Official Notice from Ally of Celtic Whiskey Shop & Wines On The Green

I’m very disappointed to have to announce that Whiskey Live Dublin 2020 has been cancelled.

For it to proceed successfully, we would need to be flat out promoting the event from now until the end of November. However, with the continued uncertainty of possible second and third waves of COVID 19 happening in the autumn I have had numerous exhibitors no longer wanting to commit their marketing budget to something that may not go ahead.

I think consumers would also delay buying tickets until the last moment to see how things are or alternatively, many people could cancel just before the event if COVID is still in the community. The event also attracts many visitors from overseas and this might put consumers and exhibitors off if these countries continue to have serious problems. Therefore, we’ve taken the decision to cancel Whiskey Live Dublin 2020 now as this gives exhibitors plenty of time to use this marketing spend elsewhere before we get to Christmas. I’m sure we can help spend it elsewhere!

I’m sure I’ll be asked can we not run a ‘Virtual Whiskey Live Dublin’ like some other festivals are doing. At this stage, we are planning to announce some Virtual tastings every 2 weeks between now and Christmas and possibly beyond depending on how things go. These tastings will be done from the Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder (www.celticwhiskeybar.com ) and will also include distillers/brand ambassadors where possible. The tasting packs will be sold from www.celticwhiskeyshop.com and Julie or Katie will announce when these go live.

We fully intend to run Dublin Drinks Mixer 2021 and Whiskey Live Dublin 2021 but will leave announcing dates until the start of 2021 when we all have a better idea of how things might be looking.

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