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Irish Whiskey Technical files

We list the technical files and links to available resources for the industry.

Irish Whiskey/Irish Whisky Technical Note

The Irish Whiskey Technical File was successfully submitted to the European Commission in October 2014. The verification programme for Irish whiskey is undertaken by the Revenue Commissioners. Details of how to apply for verification are provided here.

You can download the technical file by clicking the pdf image. You can also download an Excel sheet of verified 2018 Irish Whiskey premises by clicking the excel image.

Technical File
Technical File

Geographical Indication for Irish Whiskey

Geographical Indications are quality products that are intrinsically linked to a geographical region. Geographical Indication registration confers a type of intellectual property protection which the European Commission seeks to protect in international trade agreements. Irish Whiskey is a protected Geographical Indication under this EU regulation. The Geographical Indication for Irish Whiskey is subject to official verification and control, and is designed to support the development of the Irish Whiskey industry. It also protects Irish Whiskey against imitation, safeguards the quality of the product, and provides reassurances to customers regarding the quality of the product purchased.

You can download the technical file by clicking the pdf image. You can read more about the verification process here.

You can also see Irish whiskeys certificate of Protection as a geographical indication here.


Technical File

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