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Some of the best Irish whiskey blogs

Mark McLaughlin has spent 15 years working in hospitality, retail and Irish whiskey brands. His new blog provides balanced, concise, well thought out and well written insights and opinions.

Phil has some great in-depth reviews of Irish whiskey and some Scotch. Phil offers his own opinions and doesn’t hold back.

Dave is a true whiskey enthusiast who describes his blog as his whiskey journey. News and events, reviews and collecting advice are the main topics.

Susanne has covered many of the new releases and distilleries as well as some classics. The site also has some great links to useful resources.

Stuart McNamara’s long established website provides comprehensive Irish whiskey news, reviews and opinions. 

Unfortunately no longer updated but David’s excellent blog features in-depth reviews and analysis of Irish whiskey past and present. A great resource.

Matt Healy provides the latest Irish whiskey news and reviews. Also home to his excellent podcasts and interviews. His experience in the sector offers in-depth analysis in an approachable manner.

Barry Chandler, A Cork man based in the US shares his thoughts on Irish whiskey which he enthusiastically shares with his audience through his entertaining Stories and Sips podcasts.

Omar Fitzell has been a huge advocate of Irish whiskey and his love affair with whiskey (mostly Irish) is evident in his tastings and analysis.

Brian Hennessy describes himself as a blogger, reviewer, enthusiast and whiskey nerd. Some great original content and thoughts here.

Reviews, advice and stories from behind the scenes

Bill Linnane describes himself as the worlds worst journalist, but the reality is that you will find it hard to find more well written and in-depth articles on Irish whiskey.

Covering Irish whiskey distilleries, tours and offering reviews of the latest releases.

A comprehensive list of the Irish whiskey distilleries that are in operation or planning as well as a great list of whiskey tastings. Also covering world whiskies.

Although not strictly a dedicated Irish whiskey blog, Whisky Cast covers Irish whiskey extensively as well whiskies from around the world. Mark Gillespie hosts the best whiskey podcast bar none.

Marc Bergin provides some great insights into Irish whiskey although we’re looking forward to more posts.

Ivor shares articles, press releases, launch reports, product reviews and random thoughts on all things whiskey related.

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