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Drinks Ireland | Irish Whiskey Association has successfully secured legal protection in Taiwan, by registering Irish whiskey as a Certification Trademark in both English and Chinese. The registration of the Certification Trademark will give consumers in Taiwan greater confidence in the quality and authenticity of Irish whiskey. It will also provide the industry with enhanced protection and enforcement against fake and counterfeit products.

Taiwan is a small but emerging market for Irish whiskey with the growth of over 44% in the last three years and this successful registration will provide legal protection to support that continued growth. This is the latest legal success for Drinks Ireland | Irish Whiskey Association which earlier this year secured legal protection in three other important markets for Irish whiskey – Australia, South Africa and India. Commenting on the registration, Miriam Mooney, Legal Advisor of the Drinks Ireland | Irish Whiskey Association said: “The registration of Irish whiskey as a Certification Trademark in Taiwan is another successful milestone in Drinks Ireland | Irish Whiskey Association’s global protection strategy. This registration means Irish whiskey is for the first time protected and defined in Taiwanese law. “It is imperative that we ensure the integrity of the Irish whiskey category is upheld in both established and new emerging markets.

“The industry takes the legal protection of Irish whiskey very seriously and this year trebled its investment in protection, which enables us to seek legal protection for Irish whiskey on a worldwide basis. These registrations greatly enhance our ability to pursue legal action against counterfeit and imitation products which take advantage of the reputation of Irish whiskey, and to ensure consumer confidence is upheld.”

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