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Following on from the Caribbean Rum Cask Finish release of April 15th,  Bushmills add The American Oak Cask Finish Single Malt to the Original Cask Finish Range. The range sees Master Blender, Helen Mulholland work with unique hand-selected barrels from around the world to impart new flavours to Bushmills single malt.

The American Oak Cask Finish single malt component is finished in double charred American Oak barrels for fresh wood and vanilla flavours and extra smoothness, then blended with Bushmills smooth triple distilled grain whiskey.

Bushmills’ long partnership and friendship with the legendary barrel makers at Kelvin Cooperage, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA was the inspiration for this cask finish.  Double charring is a process applied on request to small quantities of barrels which are then shipped by Kelvin Cooperage to The Old Bushmills Distillery. At Bushmills, ageing in these double charred casks results in a deeper interaction between the single malt and fresh wood to deliver the superior flavour experience achieved in this cask finish expression.

Helen Mulholland, Bushmills Master Blender, said:

“The launch of the Bushmills Original Cask Finish range is an exciting and innovative move for Bushmills Irish Whiskey. The Original Cask Finish series adds an extra dimension to our acclaimed Bushmills Original. The series offers an accessible introduction into the world of Bushmills by finishing our signature single malt in unique barrels for new flavour experiences.”


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Pricing remains the same as for the Caribbean Rum Cask Finish with the Bushmills American Oak Cask Finish bottled at 40% ABV and priced at €30 / £24 for 700ml.


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