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Bushmills Irish Whiskey unveils two Causeway Collection 2022 releases exclusive to the island of Ireland


In their first in-person launch since the pandemic outbreak, Bushmills pulled out all the stops and held a discrete but elegant launch of two bottlings from their Causeway Collection 2022, both of which are exclusive to the island of Ireland and hit the shelves in late August.

For Bushmills, this is the third in the Causeway Collection series, but the inaugural collection for recently appointed Master Blender, Alex Thomas. Bushmills Single Malts have long drawn appreciation and high regard from around the world with their 10, 16 and 21 year old releases. The Causeway Collection takes that same spirit and just layers on some seriously innovative and unusual cask finishes, all served up at cask strength.

Of the ten whiskeys released within this years Causeway Collection, two are exclusively for the Irish market. Both were showcased at the event today and presented by Global Brand Ambassador, Lauren McMullan, and by Master Blender, Alex Thomas. It was clearly a proud and emotional milestone as Alex  presented her first whiskeys to bear here name on the label.


Lauren McMullan and Alex Thomas

Lauren McMullan (Global Brand Ambassador) and Alex Thomas (Master Blender)


Press Release

In July, Bushmills announced a total of 10 rare releases would be launching worldwide from the first series curated by Bushmills Master Blender, Alex Thomas. Today (10 August 2022), Alex has confirmed that the two expressions destined for the island of Ireland are a 2002 Vermouth Cask and a 2012 Pomerol Cask.

The 2002 Vermouth Cask will be the world’s first ever vermouth cask finished Irish single malt whiskey release and yet another exciting innovation from the world’s oldest licenced whiskey distillery – The Old Bushmills Distillery. Matured in oloroso sherry butts and bourbon barrels for over 18 years this exciting one-time-release whiskey is then aged for nearly two years in unique vermouth casks from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Bushmills Causeway Collection - Vermouth cask

Bushmills Causeway Collection – Vermouth cask


Speaking about the release, Alex Thomas commented:

“The 2002 Vermouth Cask is a beautiful cask strength and non chill-filtered whiskey that embodies the spirit of Bushmills, how we have continued to innovate in the pursuit of perfection for over 400 years. Vermouth is extremely unique, unlike anything else we had tried before, but I believe perfection lies outside of our comfort zones. This is the first ever Irish single malt to go to market that has been matured in vermouth casks and it’s a whiskey that will undoubtedly challenge consumers to experience Bushmills in a different light and will excite every whiskey fan.”


The second exclusive release for the Irish market is a 2012 Pomerol Cask. This special bottling was first aged in oloroso sherry butts and bourbon barrels before being finished in rare Pomerol wine casks for a further four years. The smallest of all the major Bordeaux wine appellations, Pomerol is home to some of the most expensive and sought-after red wines in the world.

Bushmills Causeway Collection - Pomerol cask

Bushmills Causeway Collection – Pomerol cask


Alex Thomas commented:

“The 2012 Pomerol Cask is a stunning whiskey, the complexity of the flavour profile really compliments the smooth and approachable flavour of Bushmills, together they have proven to be the perfect match. Pomerol wine casks are rarely used in the ageing process which is one of the many reasons I feel this expression is so special. The stunning casks with their hazelwood hoops showcase the rich history in the Bordeaux region and it was a pleasure to bring our two traditions together.”

Over the past decade, the growth of premiumisation has continued at a steady pace with whiskey consumers increasingly opting for – or trading up to – a higher quality and price point product. Botanicals, such as those found in Vermouth, have also grown in popularity, beloved by consumers for their authentic, natural flavours.

Commenting at the launch, Alex Thomas said:

“It really is a great privilege to work with such rare whiskeys in The Causeway Collection. At Bushmills we hand select casks that give an insight into the depth and breadth of casks we have at the Old Bushmills Distillery. Each signature cask shows how our delicate, fruity floral spirit can be influenced by casks formerly housing wines and spirits from all over the world. With the launch of these two stunning expressions, we aim to take the whiskey fan on a journey through cask strength whiskey while staying true to our principles of offering challenging whiskey from signature casks, non chill-filtered, at cask strength and full of unadulterated big, bold flavours.

“The Causeway Collection is truly a celebration of our passion for single malts and these special single malt whiskeys are our greatest treasures. Both the 2012 Pomerol Cask and the 2002 Vermouth Cask are remarkable whiskeys. They have been created for special moments to share with friends and family whether enjoyed at home or at a favourite whiskey bar and I cannot wait for whiskey drinkers across the Island of Ireland to enjoy these latest innovations.”

To celebrate the launch of The Causeway Collection’s special releases and bring the tale of craft to life through music, Bushmills Irish Whiskey has collaborated with talented singer-songwriter, Joshua Burnside, to write and compose ‘The Seekers’ – a stunning piece inspired by Bushmills, purpose and the pursuit of perfection.



The 2012 Pomerol Cask and the 2002 Vermouth Cask will be available to purchase online and through specialist retailers across the island of Ireland on Friday, the 26th of August 2022.

Only limited bottles of the 2012 Pomerol Cask will be available, bottled at 54.2% ABV, non chill-filtered and priced at €115/£100 for 700ml.

Only limited bottles of the 2002 Vermouth Cask will be available, bottled at 48.2% ABV, non chill-filtered and priced at €250/£225 for 700ml.


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