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A true piece of art for the cocktail and drinks enthusiast


This is the book that the Irish drinks sector has being crying out for, an inspiring book on Irish whiskey cocktails and other spirit drinks. The link between Irish spirit producers and the wonderful world of cocktails and mixology. Beautifully presented, fantastic layout and stunning photos. We can’t recommend this book enough. The perfect Christmas stocking filler with amazing Irish whiskey cocktail recipes.

One of Ireland’s leading food and drink photographers, Monika Coghlan, is proud to present her first book, “Craft Cocktails.” A self published collection of over 50 cocktails that all feature Irish spirit brands from distilleries and producers across all four provinces. Beautifully shot and presented, it also captures many wonderful stories from the distillers, blenders, brewers and bartenders who take the liquid landscape of Ireland and bring it to life.
From gin classics that have stood the test of time to brand new creations made with whiskey, mead and poitín. There are cocktails here to excite every type of spirit lover and to be enjoyed at every kind of occasion. A perfect gift for Christmas for those who like to shake and mix things up a little with some distinctly Irish liquors and flavours.
Monika has been a photographer for over a decade now and through her company Pepperazzi, has worked with a huge array of restaurants, bars and Irish food & beverage companies. Her inspiration for “Craft Cocktails” came from getting to know all her clients so well and the passions that drive them,
“I’ve been blessed to work with so many local Irish businesses who have gone on to become my friends. This led me to always support Irish wherever I can and in these strange times, I felt that Irish spirit makers deserved more attention. With the lockdown, I noticed more and more people mixing drinks at home and felt  that the time for a cocktail book with Irish spirits had finally arrived.”
 “Craft Cocktails” is the first book of its kind in that it showcases Irish spirits from across many categories and how they can be mixed. It is a well needed, modern reflection of what Irish spirit makers are currently creating. Two of Ireland’s most awarded cocktail bars, Cask in Cork and Bar 1661 in Dublin have endorsed it and shared recipes for inclusion.


A refreshing and tantalizing new look at Irish drinks and bars that provides a wealth of ideas for lovers of spirits, food and our unique culture and some amazing Irish whiskey cocktails.


“Craft Cocktails” is available now for pre-order from Amazon and can be purchased from November 13th at quality stores nationwide.


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